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MOJE ceramic implants has been established by Hans-Jürgen Moje in July 1994.

Its idea and line of activity is to design and manufacture implants of toes, fingers and palm joints, as well as to use ceramic zirconium in dental industry.
It has been concentrated on application of small diameters of bones within high-loaded areas for which no solutions for application of implants have existed till now.

Product development is achieved by dialogue between physician and patient.
Our staff has longstanding experiences in the field of technical ceramics which are usefull in the area of implant manufacturing.
Ceramic implants of MOJE are used with a great success by physicians in clinics and outpatient clinics all over the world. R&D and manufacture are based on 10 granted patents and registered trademarks.

Since 2000 MOJE has been certified by EN ISO 13485.
Quality management system and medical devices directive 93/42/EEC, Annex II.

Since 2006 MOJE has a quality management system for medical devices according to EN ISO 13485 and additionally an quality management system according to guideline 93/42/EWG, Annex II, paragraph 3 in the area of ceramical finger- and toe-implants, ceramical wristprosthesis and implantable dental prosthesis.

Awards and distinctions
- Handwerk grant, No. 1 Prize, 2002
- Ökoprofitbetrieb Prize, 2004
- Innovativer Mittelstand 2005 - Prize for enterprise