Declaration of principle - Quality Policy
Strategy and the quality objectives of the company MOJE Keramik-Implantate GmbH & Co. KG

The customer is at the forefront of our work

Our customers must be sure that they can rely on the quality of our products and services. We want to achieve this by putting the client's needs into the basis of our thoughts and actions, and also optimizing the processing of orders.

Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 13485

With the introduction of a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 13485 as well as according to the directive 93/42 EEC, medical product law and other relevant regulations, we ensure the continuous further development of Quality Policy. By fulfilling the regulatory requirements, self - analysis and verifications we guarantee the maintenance of the effectiveness of the QM-System.


Our employees are our strength. The success of the company and the performance are highly dependent on them, so we attach great importance to a sensible personnel development and to the promotion of the awareness of our employees. It is important for us to create a work environment that has a positive impact on the motivation, satisfaction and performance of our employees.


All the activities and procedures that are defined and required in our company are treated as quality-relevant work tasks and permanently improved. Any kind of defects, deviations and errors are immediately recognized, analyzed, evaluated and targeted corrected. Through the continuous scientific work, the use of modern technology and the improvement of the qualifications of our employees, we are able to maintain our competitiveness. We want to achieve more positive business results by constantly improving the organization and optimizing order-related cost and time management. In addition, we strive to create an open and trusting relationship with each other and with our customers, suppliers, cooperation partners and our other business partners.

Hans-Jürgen Moje

Petersberg, den 09.11.2018